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You don't need a travel partner to have the most glorious adventures! Astrid Clements, founder of Astrid Solo Travel Advisor and The AstridTravel Club, is a SOLO TRAVEL expert with over 35 years experience.

Specializing in affordable luxury travel, let Astrid be your guide with this solo travel podcast. Whether you are a business traveler or an independent adventurer, or if you are just tired of waiting for someone else to join you, Solo Travel Talk is sure to have something for you.

Solo Travel Talk presents the Hassle-Free Travel Podcast Series, sponsored by The AstridTravel Club. Don't let hassle crush your travel desires! Listen and get all of Astrid's travel tips to make your adventures a dream. 

Feb 27, 2020

No fooling around: we’re diving into the dark heart of travel hassle in this episode of Solo Travel Talk. When people gripe about travel hassle, are they really just saying flying is a hassle? Flying is a hassle. We used to get dressed up to fly, but these days the flying game is all about managing the misery. Your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements has filled this episode with tips for preparing for and managing the flight portion of your travels. This episode is part of Astrid’s series on Hassle-Free Travel.

Mentioned on the show:

- The AstridTravel Club: a place for those who want to experience affordable luxury travel or want to go solo that’s not totally solo. The AstridTravel Club is the sponsor of the Hassle-Free Travel Series.

- From the archive, here’s an episode on 10 tips for when to book your flight: Episode 093 When to Book Your Flight – 10 Tips.

Some of the questions answered on this episode…

  • Why is flying a hassle?
  • Should I get TSA PreCheck?
  • What should I bring on my flight to be comfortable?
  • How early should I get to the airport?
  • When should I buy airline tickets?
  • What is dwell time?
  • What is The AstridTravel Club and how do I join?

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